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  • Since joining “Watanmal Group” almost 4 years ago I’ve learned so many new things: colleagues taught me about the industry and shared their knowledge with me from very first day of joining which includes a specially designed Training program for new joiner
  • It’s been more than 8 years I am been part of Watanmal Group the work environment is extremely stimulating! There is no dearth of opportunities and this makes it an exciting place to work, The management team mentors and motivates you and ensures that your full potential is realized.
    -Biju Varghese
  • As trader, I am not afraid of investing my money in purchasing any Gino range products, I’m rest assured that their products will not tie down my capital and with the high demand for Gino products in the market I can quickly turnover my money.
    -John O Best, Trade Partner from Onitsha
  • I stormed at Gino seasoning cube sometimes in 2015, I used it to prepare my native “Afang and Edikangikong soup” and the taste was awesome. For the first time I have been using beef seasoning cube, I perceive the meaty aroma in my soup. Gino please introduce the chicken cube flavor into the market.
    -Victoria Udoh, Consumer from Lagos
  • I want to applaude the Gino company for the painstaking effort in providing Nigerians with quality products, the company has really gone a long way in satisfying the average Nigerian with affordable and good quality products.
    -Awoyinka  Adeola, Consumer from Ibadan
  • I use Gino products in perparing my meals, it adds great taste to  my meals. The colour of Gino tomato paste and the flavour it gives to my food.
    -Eugenia Adjei, Consumer from Sakumono
  • Thank you does not seem enough, thank you a million times over, i really enjoyed the tomato paste.
    -Agatha Amina, Consumer from Accra
  • Easy to open, taste delicious when prepare with stew. I have tried many Tin fish, but Gino tin fish taste great, oil and sauce are appealing to the eye and mouth.
    -Miss. Alberta, Consumer from Accra

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